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Floral Designs

I was born in Venezuela, and left my tropical country to pursue a better quality of life for my family. Life brought me to the “True North” aka Canada.
What I miss more is the vibrant, colorful, outgoing, warm and sometimes overwhelming spirit of my people.
After 10 years of experiencing – first hand – the sharp and drastic changes of the seasons, I found myself loosing that fantastic mood until… spring explodes with flowers and colors filling spaces everywhere and summer arrives with warmer temperatures and the strong mandate to enjoy the outdoors.
The spirit of the people changes in such a way that it is clear that lack of colors and being secluded to indoor spaces affect profoundly the emotional balance and the mental health.

I am artist, photographer and architect.
I am sensible and love to be surrounded by nature, people and creativity.
I am grateful of having the opportunity to meet wonderful people and being formally trained in a way that I can find beauty almost everywhere.
Beauty generates endorphines and those provide pleasure and a sense of happiness.

Why not design gorgeous bags, floral inspired, with vibrant colors… to carry all the stuff necessary to enjoy outdoors?

That’s the way By Mariu Designs Spring-Summer Collection was born and now you have the opportunity of feeling the season in a timeless manner. Thank you in advance for your support.